Plastic Coatings

About Plastic Coatings

C.E.Bradley’s plastic coatings are designed primarily for the automotive/transportation industry, plumbing and heating pipe coatings and for the interior elements of consumer electronics. These coated components are not often seen by the end-user, however, they offer ultimate protection for the parts and pieces involved in the resulting product.

We offer three categories of plasic coatings: water-based, solvent-based and UV plastic coatings. Please contact us for assistance in choosing the right coating for your specific needs.

Water Based Coatings

Water based coatings are the result of emulsifying water with binders, pigments and additives to create a product that has fewer odors and is much easier to work with in a confined and poorly ventilated area. These coatings usually cost less than solvent based coatings and require no additives, thinners, or hardeners, resulting in easier clean up and a longer shelf life.

Water based coatings reduce the concentration of flammable materials and create less VOCs than solvent based coatings that build up in confined spaces. In addition, they tend to meet environmental compliances better.

Solvent Based Coatings

Solvent Based Plastic Coatings were produced for a wide range of products from mechanical automotive parts/transportation industry, plumbing and heating pipes and the consumer electronics industry.

Acrylic polyurethane has the ability to coat a plastic surface with maximum results. Acrylic resin based paints are used to protect plastics and can be used as a primer creating an internal coat adhesion. Others are resistant to UV, dampness, chemical and mechanical damages, weathering, aging and scratching. The solvents used in these products are added to give viscosity to the application process and uniformity of application.

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UV Coatings

The most efficient method of coating plastics is with UV coatings. They require a low-energy method of application and are environmentally clean. Since inception of the process there is a continuous demand for these high-performance coatings for various plastic substrates. The technology provides a higher overall resistance to scratching, abrasion and stains.

The advantage of this coating is its ability to cure instantaneously when exposed to UV light or an electron beam. Many manufacturers choose this technology to create better productivity, generate significant energy cost savings and reduce the space of their assembly line.

Typical Applications

The typical applications for our Plastic Coatings are:

  • Automotive/Transportation Industry
  • Plumbing and Heating Devices
  • Consumer Electronics

Automotive / Transportation

Plumbing And Heating

Consumer Electronics

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